Jazzy Montreal

RHYTHMflow Vacations' Signature Canadian adventure, "Jazzy Montreal," returns for year 13 in 2022. Our vacation will take place Thursday, June 30, through Tuesday, July 5. We'll enjoy six days & 5 nights during the opening week of the 42nd edition of the Montreal Jazz Festival. Join us as we kick off the 2022 Summer season north of the border.

The Montreal Jazz Festival presents artists from around the world. Discover new music and reconnect with your favorite musicians. There's plenty of music every day on the free outdoor stages and the ticketed shows in the unique venues around the festival site.

The beauty of our "Jazzy Montreal" vacation is that in addition to music, there is plenty of free time to explore your surroundings individually or in small groups. Shopping in the "Underground City," Montreal sightseeing tours, museums/arts festivals, fine dining, spa days, or just relax and enjoy the charm of Montreal.

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About The Montreal Jazz Festival

Ranked as the world's largest jazz festival in the Guinness World Records, the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal has been synonymous with a passion for music for 40 years. Every year for ten days, the French-speaking metropolis of North America becomes the venue where fans of all types of jazz-related music rub shoulders with aficionados of jazz in its purest form. All on a unique site designed to meet festival goers' every need, right downtown in an area off-limits to car traffic! Montreal is, without a doubt, the true heartbeat of Planet Jazz!