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Embark on an unforgettable journey with RHYTHMflow Vacations as we take you on a rhythmic adventure to the world's most incredible music theme cruises, festivals, and cultural events! Get ready to groove, sway, and dance to the beats that move your soul. Whether you're a music enthusiast or simply looking for a unique and immersive experience, our trips are tailor-made to leave you with cherished memories and a heart filled with music.

Unforgettable Experiences Await!

RHYTHMflow Vacations
RHYTHMflow Vacations
RHYTHMflow Vacations

Featured Vacations and Events


A Day On Broadway: Hell's Kitchen by Alicia Keys

"Hell's Kitchen" is the new musical created by 15-time Grammy Award winner Alicia Keys. Join us for an Exclusive Mother's Day celebration. Enjoy the show & a post theater dinner.


Soul Train Cruise 2025 Fall Edition

Exciting News! Exciting News! A second sailing of the 2025 Soul Train Cruise (Fall Edition) will take place November 9  - 16, onboard Holland America's Eurodam.

A pre-sale is currently taking place. This is your best opportunity to reserve your cabin for the "Hippest Trip At Sea 2.0!"


Jazzy Montreal Getaway

RHYTHMflow Vacations' Signature Canadian adventure returns for year 14. Our "Jazzy Montreal Getaway," takes place Friday, June 28, through Tuesday, July 2, 2024. Enjoy 5 days & 4 nights during the opening weekend of the 44th edition of the Montreal Jazz Festival.


North Sea Jazz Festival / Amsterdam 2024

Are you ready to jazz up your summer in 2024? RHYTHMflow Vacations has the perfect trip for you! Join us for a musical journey to one of the most amazing jazz festivals in the world: North Sea Jazz Festival in Rotterdam, Netherlands + Amsterdam.

RHYTHMflow Vacations

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From Our Happy Customers

RHYTHMflow Vacations

Passion, Integrity, & Knowledge

I often speak of highly of Craig Chapman and his company RHYTHMflow Vacations with passion, honesty, integrity and knowledge of the vacations he sets up for us travelers. Over the years my travel experiences have been enhanced by the many trips I have taken because of Craig. I trust and know I have nothing to worry about because he has dotted the I's and crossed the T's.

Rona S.

Brooklyn, NY
RHYTHMflow Vacations

Funky Good Time!

RHYTHMflow Vacations provides a first-rate travel experience that extends beyond just getting someplace and going home. The opportunities to enjoy various entertainers in unique settings is thrilling. But what makes the entire excursion so enjoyable and memorable is the professionalism of Craig Chapman serving as the group leader to ensure the primary objective to have a ``funky good time`` is achieved.

Neville W.

Washington, DC
RHYTHMflow Vacations

Seamless Experience

I have been booking trips with RHYTHMflow Vacations for 15 years. I keep going back because Craig makes the experience seamless from start to finish. His attention to detail and professionalism makes me feel like I am in good hands. But, what really makes me a repeat customer - reasonable prices, excellent fellowship, and lots of fun.

Denise A.

Philadelphia, PA
RHYTHMflow Vacations

Very Professional

I met you in 2013. You are very professional and very dependable. You helped my husband and I go on our 1st Soul Train Cruise...You were instrumental in helping us in all ways...We have traveled with you and your group since then..

Louise H.

Williamston, NC
RHYTHMflow Vacations

Pack & Enjoy

I have been booking my travel through RHYTHMFlow Vacations for over 5 years because once Craig does the organizing, all I have to do is pack and enjoy! High quality destination stays and fun are guaranteed plus he makes everyone feel like "family.

Joanne F.

New Brunswick, NJ
RHYTHMflow Vacations

Affordable & Unforgettable

Travelling with RHYTHMflow Vacations is an affordable, unforgettable and absolutely wonderful musical experience. Craig is one of the most informative, organized, professional, creative vacation planners that you will ever meet. My favorite RFV travel experiences were, The Bermuda Music Festival, Montreal Jazz festival, and the Inaugural Soul Train Cruise.

Gail H.

E. Providence, RI
RHYTHMflow Vacations

Reliable & Attentive

I enjoy traveling with Craig Chapman as I have for the past five years because he makes us feel comfortable. He is reliable, attentive, articulate , and mindful of individual needs. He is extremely professional as a travel agent. I especially enjoy his intimate small group ventures as they are cultural exciting and fun. The ones I enjoy most are North Sea Jazz in Amsterdam, and Montreal for the jazz fest there.

Christena M.

Chicago, IL